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App Experience

With my years of experience, the transition to apps was a natural next step. Working closely with the of CEO Robert Kennedy Publishing, I spearheaded the company's first launch into the Apple Store with not one, but two, apps. With my digital experience I was able to secure a job as Digital Director for Fighter Diet Inc., who hired me to help launch a completely new brand for them called Live Life Lean. I produced all the assets (logos, style guide, digital material, etc.), and I worked with the development teams to produce the app.

Oxygen Best Body HD by Robert Kennedy Publishing

As Creative Director, I was in charge of the design for all the magazines and websites. But I felt like the company needed to venture into the App realm to compete. This was back in 2011. I pushed the CEO to give us an opporunity to show how it could bring in a new revenue stream for the company. He agreed, allowing for only myself and one other artist to work on it with very little budget. That's all we needed. I researched and found a typical app would cost almost $100,000 to produce. So, I found a way to produce it with only the tools we had at hand – the Adobe Creative Suite. Oxygen already had a readership of 200,000 readers, so this seemed the perfect product to introduce ourselves into the App Store. When we released it 4 months later, it was received with over 10,000 downloads in the first month. It showed we had a market for it. This lead to our next app for the company.

Hardcore Abs HD by Robert Kennedy Publishing

MuscleMag was a brand with over 40 years of history and culture behind it. It had a very dedicated steady readership. So, we targeted them next for an app. When we did our research, we found the MuscleMag community was looking for something very different than the Oxygen readers. The male marketed wanted a very targeted body routine to fix weak points. So, we focused our app on building up one body part instead of an overall healthy lifestyle. It also was well received with 3,000 downloads in the first week.