Live life lean

I was hired to do a complete Branding for a new product, including logo, packaging, website and app design

Web and App development

I worked directly with the web and app development teams. Developing the style guide and the exact feel for both, it was important that the brand matched across all media from print to app. Taking what I learned from the last apps I worked on, I preformed usability test to make suggestions to the development teams. I quickly saw where we could improve the experience for the users.

Live Life Lean

As Digital Director, I was hired to help launch a brand new brand for Fighter Diet Inc. My previous experience at Robert Kennedy Media made me well equipped to launch a new brand to target a general fitness audience. My versatile background from working with print material to launching an app gave me the knowledge to make a complete plan for them.


I worked as the lone designer. Not only was I the big picture strategist but I was the hands-on assets producer as well. My logo design and promo material was my first step so the company could get people excited about the company's first new spin-off of the highly successful Fighter Diet (which targeted hardcore athletes). A teaser website and promo postcards were developed. The branding started to generate interest quickly.

Social Media Campaign

Creating a buzz on social media was attacked from many angles but with one well-developed plan. The idea was to keep a grass-roots feel. So iPhone images of real users were sent out through all their social-media platforms. The fitness guru and owner answered questions directly on Facebook and Twitter. And straight-talking videos were being released weekly. We saw a sharp increase of 300% across social media about the Live Life Lean brand. It was working to gain the public's interest.